Here's a sample of just 1 of the 50 systems inside a past PHILLIPS RACING GOLD BOOK. 


A. Any race is playable if each entrant has at least one U.S. start.

B. Write down the Beyer number for the last race on the same surface as today's race (if no race on same surface, still use last race but double the subtracted points explained in rule #4).

C. To the last race Beyer number, add the furlongs worked since the last race, if any, up to a maximum of three workouts (if more than three workouts since the last race, use the last three works only).


D. Then subtract the days since the last workout, up to 20 days maximum; over 20 days since the last workout gets the maximum subtracted points of 20. But remember, if horse has no races showing on the same surface as today's race, double the subtracted points (so the absolute highest possible subtracted points would be 40).

E. Top-pointer is your final selection of course. GOOD LUCK!

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