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Phillips Racing Newsletter launched a new service in early 2015 called "Phillips Best E-System Of The Month Club."  On the last day of each month, members are e-mailed the very best handicapping item we can find that there wasn't room for in PRN.  It may be one of our own, or something good we've just received from a helpful reader. 


We recently went bi-monthly, now sending out helpful handicapping info to all E-Club subscribers around the 15th of each month as well.  So now E-Club members get twice as much winning stuff in their inbox each month for the same low price!  The mid-month info will contain such things as: trainer/jockey angles, tips, reviews, and perhaps a system that a PRN reader says they're still winning with.  While the last day of the month selection will continue to be a powerful, new method or items.  Recent end of the month selections included: several useful positive & negative handicapping factors, P.A.S.T. Handicapping (for Pace Adjusted Speed Totals), Gold Power (several factors gleaned from PHILLIPS GOLD BOOK that have been turned into a powerful exacta system), and J-Pace (a unique jockey/pace angle). 

We are also offering a great bonus item that will be e-mailed to you immediately when you join up.  It's called The Vulnerable Favorite by Rod Young & Tim Osterman.  As Mr. Young says, "Learning these 8 rules helps tremendously in trying to beat a difficult game."  Rates, which are $5 or less per month, can be found on our order form.  Please consider joining "PRN'S Best E-System Of The Month Club" today; we really think this new service will improve every members handicapping...THANKS!