"As PHILLIPS 3rd-BACK IS THE KEY METHOD selections, everyone betting on us should win big at the track today!!!

Get the Winning Word Straight from the Horse's Mouth

The May issue of PHILLIPS RACING NEWSLETTER is so jam-packed with winning handicapping information that we had to add an extra page, so it's 25 pages instead of the usual 24! The main highlights are 2 great methods & 2 strong angles.  The handicapping needed to select lots of winners with these powerful systems/angles is as easy as possible. They're so good that even the horses are talking about them! 


The two methods are:  PHILLIPS 3rd-BACK IS THE KEY METHOD and PHILLIPS READER'S TRACK VARIANT SYSTEM. The two angles are: STRETCHING IT OUT & OH SO CLOSE. The Systems & Angles come with winning examples that paid $29, $31, $44 & $48! Also, in celebration of the May issue marking the beginning of our 47th year of continuous publication, we'll include PHILLIPS EASIEST EVER HIGH % EXACTA SYSTEMS, A $20 value, along with every subscription of 7 or 13 issues (see order form).

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What's more, 13-issue subscriptions also get K.I.S.S. HANDICAPPING, a $40 value (again see order form). So if you renew/subscribe for 13 months of PRN, in effect, you're paying a mere $10 for 13 months of PRN; that's by far our lowest price ever! Last but not least, the May issue has an item that received a very high 9 rating. So please subscribe to PHILLIPS RACING NEWSLETTER today, and start winning with our best offer yet!!  


PHILLIPS 3rd-BACK IS THE KEY SYSTEM uses just 2 main factors to quickly pick a high percentage of double-figure winners. The two factors include the 3rd-back race speed figure (you can use either Beyer or BRIS), plus the cumulative jockey & trainer win percentages. This simple, fast system cashes plenty of tickets with the average winner paying well into the double-figures; don't miss it, folks!

PHILLIPS READER'S TRACK VARIANT SYSTEM is another easy winner contributed by a longtime subscriber. It too, uses just two simple factors, beaten horses & the track variant to quickly get your selection. And this one's highly efficient as well. Our helpful reader writes, "I'm amazed at how often it gets the winner, and the second-choice frequently gets place at long odds!"

Remember that extended subscriptions of at least 7 issues get PHILLIPS EASIEST EVER HIGH % EXACTA SYSTEMS, which originally sold for $20, as a free bonus. This package actually contains two separate methods, one for maiden races & one for races for winners. The maiden race exacta method uses recent furlongs raced & worked plus the morning-line; while the exacta system for winners uses trainer stats & the morning-line only. Each system takes just a minute or two to get your selections. For both exacta methods, we recommend boxing the top 3 in fields of 7 or more, but just the top 2 in fields of 6 or less. Therefore, we show 4 nice, winning examples, a large & small field for each exacta system.

And don't forget...

..that 13-issue subscriptions will get K.I.S.S. HANDICAPPING (Keep It Simple System) gratis as well.  It's a highly rated (9) manual by David Venturo, containing ten powerful angles, plus dozens of winning examples that average over $25 each! This 50-page manual truly is a "must-have" for your handicapping toolbox. Perhaps best of all, it's absolutely free with an extended PRN subscription!

The May issue of PRN also contains...

the two aforementioned winning angles, STRETCHING IT OUT & OF SO CLOSE. Plus expert computer-player, Joe Mainardi, contributes a very interesting handicapping article called IS IT TOO EARLY FOR SUMMER? that includes extensive research, showing the efficiency of speed ratings & track variants. And we review David Venturo's latest publication, HANDICAPPING FOR A PRICE, yet another "must-have" angle-filled booklet, rating an extremely high 9!

If you also missed April, the main highlights there were: PHILLIPS READER'S EASY 55% WIN METHOD & PHILLIPS FAVORITE TRAINER/JOCKEY SYSTEM. While March featured PHILLIPS DOUBLE-FIGURE S.O.S. (Simple Odds System) & PHILLIPS 70% SYSTEM (a reader recently informed us that he hit a huge $474 Daily Double with just a $2 bet, using this one).

But wherever you pick up your subscription to Phillips Racing Newsletter, please do so immediately and get our extremely powerful 4-item combo, including PHILLIPS 3rd-BACK IS THE KEY, PHILLIPS READER'S TRACK VARIANT SYSTEM, STRETCHING IT OUT & OH SO CLOSE.  Also, please be sure to take out an extended subscription and get those fantastic freebies, too. 


Then you'll know what the horses are always whispering about!!!