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The May issue of PHILLIPS RACING NEWSLETTER is so jam-packed with winning handicapping information that we had to extend it by 3 pages to 27, instead of the usual 24 pages! The main highlights are 3 great methods & 2 powerful angles.  They're so good that even the horses are talking about them! 


The 3 methods are:  PHILLIPS 45% TRAINER'S FIT & READY SYSTEM & PHILLIPS LONGSHOT CHAOS SYSTEM REVISITED, and READER'S LONGSHOT ODDS PATTERN. The 2 powerful angles are: THE PURSE STEALER & DOUBLE OUT AND IN (comes with examples that paid $29, $30 & $38). Also, in celebration of the May issue marking the beginning of our 46th year of continuous publication, we'll include PHILLIPS HIGHEST % EVER EXACTA/TRIFECTA SYSTEM, A $20 value, along with every subscription of 7 or 13 issues (see order form).

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What's more, 13-issue subscriptions also get A HANDICAPPER'S TREASURE CHEST, a $40 value (again see order form). So if you renew/subscribe for 13 months of PRN, in effect, you're paying a mere $15 for 13 months of PRN; that's by far our lowest price ever! Last but not least, the May issue has an item that received a very high 9 rating. So please subscribe to PHILLIPS RACING NEWSLETTER today, and start winning with our best offer yet!!  


PHILLIPS 45% TRAINER'S FIT & READY SYSTEM uses just 3 main factors to quickly pick a high percentage of winners. These factors include the trainer's win %, total furlongs raced & worked recently, and the last-race odds; no speed figures are necessary. This easy method has a decent $9 average mutuel. Plus, in the two examples we show, boxing the top 3 hit both exactas ($32 & $87) and one of the trifectas ($359). So this system certainly has strong exotic potential as well; don't miss it, folks!

Of course, there are 4 more complete, winning items inside the jam-packed May issue of PRN. We reprise PHILLIPS LONGSHOT CHAOS SYSTEM because a longtime subscriber recently told us he still thinks it's the best longshot method we've ever produced. We show samples that paid $48 & $50, and it's been known to hit winners that returned well over $100 for a $2 win ticket in the past! THE PURSE STEALER & DOUBLE OUT AND IN are two very fast angles based on trainer maneuvers & recent finish positions that have hit a lot of double-figure payoffs. While READER'S LONGSHOT ODDS PATTERN is based on a simple pattern in the closing odds of the last 4 races. Our reader says he's cashed plenty of high-priced winners with this one.

Remember that extended subscriptions of at least 7 issues get PHILLIPS HIGHEST % EVER EXACTA/TRIFECTA SYSTEM, which originally sold for $20, as a free bonus. This method uses 3 rules, based on speed ratings (Beyer or BRIS), the morning-line odds & the actual odds of the last 2 races, to his a very high percentage of exotics. For instance, it hit 50% of the playable exactas (8 of 16) in last year's Breeders' Cup races. And it comes with two winning examples that hit both the exacta & trifecta when boxing the top 3 selections. The exactas paid $40 & $149, while the trifectas paid $94 & $463!

And don't forget...

..that 13-issue subscriptions will get A HANDICAPPER'S TREASURE CHEST gratis as well.  It's a highly rated (9) manual by David Venturo, containing a half dozen winning angles, plus numerous double-figure examples, from a gentleman who's been a highly successful horseplayer for over 50 years no less.  Mr. Venturo got this elderly handicapper to reveal the top methods he's developed over a lifetime of horse betting.  This manual definitely lives up to its title; truly a "must-have" for your handicapping toolbox.

The May issue of PRN also contains...

a COMPUTER HANDICAPPING article & PROFITABLE OVERLAY PLAYS, which rated a very high 9 on our 0 to 10 scale.

If you also missed April, the main highlights there were: PHILLIPS READER'S IMPROVED F.O.A.L. SYSTEM (Fast Overlay Angle for Longshots),  PHILLIPS BEST EVER JOCKEY SYSTEM, THE MAIDEN VALUE PLAY METHOD, DAILY RACING FORM'S FORMULATOR (rated a good 7) & READER'S ROUTE RACE METHOD.

But wherever you pick up your subscription to Phillips Racing Newsletter, please do so immediately and get our extremely powerful 5-item combo, including: PHILLIPS 45% TRAINER'S FIT & READY SYSTEM, PHILLIPS LONGSHOT CHAOS SYSTEM REVISITED, PHILLIPS READER'S LONGSHOT ODDS PATTERN, THE PURSE STEALER & DOUBLE OUT AND IN.  Also, please be sure to take out an extended subscription and get those fantastic freebies, too. 


Then you'll know what the horses are always whispering about!!!

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