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A helpful subscriber recently sent us an interesting idea about focusing on workouts & the money won box to pick winners.   We added an additional factor of our own and turned it into a highly profitable method, PHILLIPS FAST BMW SYSTEM  (for Big Money Winner).  We show samples that paid $16 & $29.  Overall, we've been hitting about 40% winners with a $10 average mutuel, which translates to a 100% ROI!  So don't miss PHILLIPS FAST BMW SYSTEM, folks!

And if you prefer something with a better hit rate, May also contains CHALK SCANNER.  A different reader developed this one from a very powerful Consensus method that generated a phenomenal 80% win average.  He says his version gives the player more action, but there's still the security of a high win ratio. Indeed, another one not to be missed.

Extended subs of at least 7 issues get PHILLIPS CASH C.O.WS. EXACTA HYBRID SYSTEM  (Calculated Odds WinnerS), which originally sold for $20, as a free bonus.  This method combines a couple of simple odds-based rules from the original "Cash Cows" to produce a strong, new exotic method.  Our results have been very good, hitting 1-in-3 (33%) with an average $2 exacta payoff $90, which is an excellent +148% ROI.  It comes with two winning examples at Del Mar that paid $138 & $186. You can make some good money on days like that!

Get the Winning Word Straight from the Horse's Mouth

The May issue of PHILLIPS RACING NEWSLETTER contains at least two great new methods, PHILLIPS FAST BMW SYSTEM & CHALK SCANNER.

They're both so good that even the horses are talking about them!  These winners are 2 of our most powerful systems yet.  And the handicapping needed to select lots of winners with them every day is as easy as possible.


Also, in celebration of the May issue marking the beginning of our 45th year, we'll include a copy of our very popular PHILLIPS CASH C.O.WS. EXACTA HYBRID SYSTEM, a $20 value, along with every subscription of 7 or 13 issues (see below).  What's more, 13-issue subscriptions also get A HANDICAPPER'S TREASURE CHEST, a $40 value (again, see below).  


So, if you renew for 13 issues, in effect, you're paying a mere $15 for 13 months of PRN; that's by far our lowest rate ever!  Last but not least, the May issue contains an item that received a very high 8 1/2 rating.  So please subscribe to PRN today and start winning with our best offer yet!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't forget...

..that 13-issue subscriptions will get A HANDICAPPER'S TREASURE CHEST gratis as well.  It's a highly rated (9) manual by David Venturo, containing a half dozen winning angles, plus numerous examples, from a gentleman who's been a highly successful horseplayer for over 50 years no less.  Mr. Venturo got this elderly handicapper to reveal the top methods he's developed over a lifetime of horse betting.  This manual definitely lives up to its title; truly a "must-have" for your handicapping toolbox.

The May issue of PRN is full of winning items, too, including...

LTO DUD (this bad race "Last Time Out" angle comes with winning examples that paid $20, $23 & $27); COMPUTER HANDICAPPING: REVISITING THRESHOLDS (how to make a big difference in your ROI); BETTER THAN ODDS METHOD (another good one from a reader); and ANALYZE THE ODDS  (highly rated, new booklet from David Venturo) 

If you also missed April, the main highlights there were: PHILLIPS NEW 45% THREE'S THE KEY SYSTEM & PHILLIPS FURLONG/DAY PLAY (reader thinks it's our best ever).  While March featured: PHILLIPS QUICK H.I.T.S. EXACTA METHOD & PHILLIPS DAILY DOUBLE & PICK-3 WIN MACHINES. And February had: PHILLIPS WIN B.E.T.S. & PHILLIPS QUICK T.E.N. IT. 

But wherever you pick up your subscription to Phillips Racing Newsletter, please do so immediately and get our extremely powerful combination of PHILLIPS FAST BMW SYSTEM & CHALK SCANNER.  Also, please be sure to take out an extended subscription and get those fantastic freebies, too. 


Then you'll know what the horses are always whispering about!!!

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