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​​Phillips Racing Newsletter is the only publication in the USA devoted entirely to thoroughbred, harness and dog racing fans and their welfare. Along the way, we try to improve their handicapping ability and to keep the fans from wasting their hard-earned money on worthless, overpriced systems, books or services.

Phillips Racing Newsletter comes out monthly and while many racing periodicals have failed, we have never missed a single publication date since 1974. We originally came out every two weeks but in 1979 we doubled the size of the letter to 24 pages and now come out monthly, always on Thursday, following the first Wednesday of every month. You should get it by the weekend or Monday if in the east. We always mail it first class.


​you will find reviews of the most recent systems plus we occasionally include an oldie or two. We give the basic rules and sometimes add our own suggestions for improvement. We also write about the various racing services (mostly phone tip or track variants), plus the new books as they come out. Publishers usually send us review copies of the latest computer software, too.

We tell you which few methods, from among hundreds reviewed yearly, are really worth the money. In our system reviews, we occasionally include one or two harness methods each issue and sometimes a dog method. But most emphasis is on the thoroughbreds.

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We produce our own original, winning systems as well. And PRN also publishes many excellent methods submitted by our readers; most are better than anything on the market today. Every issue has at least one or more of these methods, sometimes several!

We advertise regularly in the Daily Racing Form and have for a number or years. And all back issues of PRN are available from 1974 to present.
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